Best Recipe & Cooking Apps For Android - In 2018

If you want to learn cooking delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at home step by step,you must check this list of the 8 best android recipe and cooking apps. You can install any of these cooking applications to prepare delicious recipe in your home. You can see thousands of cooking apps on Google Play Store but here we have listed only the best recipe and cooking book apps for your device.
1. Cookpad :- Cookpad is one the best and largest homemade recipe-sharing and cooking apps for android devices. It has lots of amazing and useful features such as complete cooking method of delicious dishes, advanced search option to find your interested food easily, bookmarking option to find your favourite recipes quickly, recipe sharing option with your friends through Facebook, email and other social networks, and, much more. You can also share your own recipes through this app.

2. Food Network In the Kitchen :- With the help of this app, you can cook delicious dishes and different food items. Food network app is one of the best recipe - cooking apps on Google play store. This app has lots of useful features which can help you to learn cooking easily through your android smartphone. This app includes many functions such as - more than 1000 cooking recipes , cooking videos of your favourite chefs, search recipes by chef name, and browse tons of delicious recipes through the app. Great app to learn cooking easily from your phone.

3. All Recipe Free :- This app helps you learn how to cook healthy and tasty food easily at your home. All Recipe App helps you to prepare some awesome meals. It is described in two sections-Ingredients and Directions. One of the best cooking apps for your android phone, which can be used to learn cooking easily without internet connection, this app also works on offline mode.

4. Indian Recipes Free-Offline :- If you like to cook food and become a great master chef, you can install Indian Recipes app. It is one of the best and popular recipe and cooking apps. This app comes with more than 10,000 chef recipes in different categories like non-vegetarian to vegan, delicious vegetarian dishes, drinks, beverages, sweet & deserts, snacks . Very useful app that also works offline and integrated with tons of recipes.

5. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List :- With the help of Yummly app, you can cook healthy food and favourite cuisines. Yummly recipe app is one of the best and most popular recipe and cooking apps. This app is used by millions of android users. Very useful app to learn cooking, organise your food & grocery shopping lists and manage your diets.

6. Indian Recipes in Hindi  :- By using this app, you can learn how to cook healthy food at your home in Hindi language. Khana Khazana is one of the best recipe and cooking apps and it is available in Hindi language. With the help of this app, you can get free cooking advice, learn easy cooking techniques in hindi.

7. Cooking & Dessert Recipes Book :- Useful app that comes with lots of delicious desert recipes. If you love dessert, and want to prepare it at your home, you can try this app.

8. Quick and Easy Recipes :- If you want to cook delicious and healthy food quickly and in easy way, you can choose Quick and Easy Recipes app. This app includes different types of quick recipes such as breakfast recipes, main dishes, salads, dinners, soups, appetizers, etc. With the help of this app, you can prepare tasty foods, with simple ingredients and low calories.

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