10 Best Cab Booking Apps For Android In 2018

If you are planning to travel any unknown place, you must have a popular cab booking app on your android phone.This article is going to talk about the 10 best android cab booking apps . These cab booking apps help you to pick-up and drop-off your destination at the lowest fare and less time.  Here you can see only the best and most popular cab booking apps.
1. Uber - If you are planning to travel at affordable fare, you must try this app for tour. One of the best cab booking apps on the internet and it is used by millions of smartphone users. Very useful app that comes with easy setup process and supports different payment methods including cash, credit card, debit card , PayPal & Android Pay. To use this app, just install the app, choose your ride, set your location and request your interested cab. Great service that is available in almost all popular cities in the world.

2. Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking :- Ola is one of the most popular cab booking apps for Indians. This app offers a great service to book taxi in more than 100 popular cities of India. Fastest way to book taxi for your favourite destination, great app to book taxi in just few taps. Ola lets you book your taxi just few simple steps- first you have to set your location and choose your interested taxi, and then you have to tap on ride now option to book that taxi, you will see instant information about the car.

3. Easy - taxi, car, ridesharing :- Easy taxi is one of the most downloaded taxi booking apps on Google Play store. This app offers their service in 420 cities of 18 countries. Very useful app that comes with some unique features and lets you book your taxi in a convenient way. The app detects your location automatically through GPS system and after adding credit card details, you can more features. To book your taxi with this app, just tap on Request taxi option, you will see option to book your taxi.

4. Grab - Cars, Bikes & Taxi Booking App :- Very useful app that offer different types of transportation system such as taxi, car, bike, hitch & delivery service. With the help of Grab app, you can get a safe and reliable ride in few minutes. One of the best apps to solve every type of transportation problem. The app comes with nice user interface and offers a variety of transportation system.
5. Cab Booking App In India: Loco :- This app allows you to search from your current location or select on the map, and get real-time information from multiple taxi cab operators like Uber, OLA, Meru, Tabcab and many more across more than 90 cities in India. LocoCabs is actually a cab comparison cum booking app that solves all of your transportation related problems. With the help of this app, you can filter and compare by car type, taxi cab operators, estimated time of arrival and base fares, and you can save your time and money.

6. ixigo Cabs-Compare & Book Taxi :- ixigo Cabs is one of the best cab booking apps for Indian users. This app allows you to compare & book cabs even without Internet connection or GPS ( additional feature, in under offline cabs option). With the help of this app, you can use map view to get a cab or taxi nearest to your location, you can compare the price of different cab booking services such as OLA, UBER etc, and get a fare estimate before booking and, you can also get the driver and cab details instantly upon booking.
7. Meru Cabs :- MeruCabs is a fastest growing cab booking app that comes with lots of features and offers their service in 23 popular cities of India. With the help of this app, you can book a taxi cab online in one click and pay through the highly convenient wallet.

8. Taxi Cab Hire India :- With the help of this app, you can see rate of fare, car information as well as book cabs or all major metered radio cab services and taxi operators in major cities of India. Taxi Cab app provides you all popular taxi operator's phone numbers in a single app without Internet connection.

9. Scoot-Best way to hail a taxi  :- By using this app, you can find and book a taxi cab nearest to you across different taxi cab service providers such as OLA, Uber, TaxiForSure and other. Scoot app can be used to book a personal driver and taxi cab for your travel and commute in different cities across  North America, Europe and Asia.

10. TaxiPixi :- This app is one of best cab booking apps for android devices. With the help of TaxiPixi app, you can book local taxis for local commute as well as choose hourly and daily rentals for longer duration needs.

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