Best Download Manager Apps For Android in 2018 - Free To Download Videos, Photos & Other Files

Are you looking for best and the fastest download manager apps for your android devices or other devices? If yes, you are the right place, here you can see 9 best android download managers apps for android phones and tabs. These download manager apps help you do download any type of file, videos, images, music and applications. These downloaders are fully featured apps to downloading any type of files. You can use any of these best download manager apps on your android devices.
1.  Loader Droid download manager :- If you want to download videos, images,  music or any interested file, Loader Droid app would be the best download manager for your android smartphone. With the help of Loader Droid download manager app, you can make your downloading tasks very fast and easy. It is one of the best download manager apps for android devices. This app has several amazing features such as resumable downloading option, auto resume & pause when your connection is lost, faster downloading than others, simple user interface.

2. Fast Download Manager :- If you want to find downloadable movies, videos, songs and other types of files by  using  built-in browser in your download manager app, you can use Fast Download Manager app on your android devices. This app has many useful features such as faster downloads, full functional download manager for your downloading related tasks, pause and resume option to download whenever you need, and many other features. Great file downloader for android phone.

3. Download Manager for Android :- With help this app, you can download everything such as Facebook videos, browser, tube functions etc. Downloader is also one of the best and fastest download manager apps for android phones or tablets. It has tons of features including simple and clean user interface, bookmarking option, quick search option with your voice to find downloadable files easily, supports HTML5 web pages and videos, fast browsing speed, media player within the app, web links transferring to & from your computer through wifi network and, much more.

4. Downloader & Private Browser :- This app helps you download music, photos, videos and other files easily from your favourite sites directly to your android phones or tablets. Downloader & Private Browser is one of the best download manager apps on Google Play store. With the help of this app, you can save your videos, photos and music downloads in a private password protected folder that only you can access and play your favourite files offline with the in-app media player. It has also full-featured multi-tab browsing option like Chrome and Firefox.
5.  UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure :- One of the most downloaded web browsers on Google Play store and it comes with lots of features including a powerful download manager. It has fully functional download manager which can be used to download all types of videos, music, photos and other downloadable files to your device.

6. IDM Download Manager  :- One of the most popular internet download manager on the web and this app is an android version of this popular software. With the help of IDM, you can easily download and manage any type in any size in your phone or tablet. IDM Download Manager app has several unique features such as tabbed browsing feature like chrome, quick search engine to find your interested downloadable files easily, easy bookmark manager, supports HTML5 web pages & java scripts,

7. Advanced Download Manager :- This app helps you to download & manage your files easily. It is a great download manager app. Advanced Download Manager app has lots of amazing and user-friendly features such as download upto 3 files at the same time, manage your live downloads in background, multitasking option, easy file manager and navigator, fast downloading option even in 2G speed and, much more.

8.  Download Manager :- It is one of the fastest and advanced featured download manager app for android devices. Download Manager has lots of powerful features such as support for saving downloaded files on external SD card, pause and resume downloading option when needed, basic file management tasks like renaming, deleting, opening and sharing option and, you can also optimise file transfer by download links from other apps.

9.  Turbo Download Manager :- With the help of this download manager app, you can download files faster with stability. Turbo Download Manager has many useful functions such as- option to increase downloading speed,  downloading files from multiple sources, extension-able and can be accessed from other applications.

Best Download Manager Apps For Android in 2018 - Free To Download Videos, Photos & Other Files Best  Download Manager Apps For Android in 2018 - Free To Download Videos, Photos & Other Files Reviewed by Apps Turn on May 28, 2018 Rating: 5
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